Samrong Hotpants

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Anarchy Apparel offers exceptional products to a special clientele.

Each of our designs has its own story and offers a unique selling point. In addition to the design, the functionality and wearing comfort of our hot pants are especially important. The high elastic waistband guarantees a secure fit. The moisture resistant material stays dry even after a long workout. In combination with an excellent fit that feels like a second skin,these Anarchy Apparel Leggings are likely to become your new favourite outfit.

Whether for jogging, yoga, gym, parkour, artistic gymnastics, martial arts or many other sports activities, these hot pants have almost unlimited uses. Anarchy Apparel Hot Pants Leggings are made of 100 % polyester / Lycra. The material is very easy to clean and therefore also ideal for everyday use. Lycra has many positive properties and is often used specifically in fitness wear. The fabric is pleasing and soft to the touch while it is also creaseresistant, quick-drying and elastic.

Another highlight is the cord in the waistband. It enables you to optimally adjust the tightness of the pants to your needs. The cord is hidden inside the waistband and so cannot be seen from the outside. To complete your outfit, you can combine your leggings with a Sports Bra and / or Tank Top by Anarchy Apparel according to your mood.

Wash the leggings inside out at a max. temperature of 40 degrees.