The Story

The very first glimpse of Anarchy Apparel was thought in 2015 when someone passed a railway crossing and saw this.
So simple, so good! A brand that no one can control! A "Fuck Off" brand!

 The vision became an aggressive fitness brand non-comparable to anything else. Big effort was put in the out of the box thinking and over the edge design. The brands origin is in Scandinavia and thats where the inspiration comes from, the culture, nature and surroundings. The idea was the thoughts of an individual athlete that nobody controls. Someone who is their own ruler, that determine their own goals and decides when to achieve them, to stop halfway or simply just walk away. Someone who's going there own way and doesn’t give a shit about anyones opinion.

The philosophy of the brand has always been to have fun and feel pride of what's being created. The designs should be something the creators would like to see people around them would be wearing. It should be beautiful, stylish with a in your face attitude. Anarchy always try to keep an open mind and take in the vibrations of what the crowd wants to wear to the gym.